“Project marketing is no longer an issue, CMC is there for you”

CMC is a crypto community for futuristic traders, holders and investers

We are CryptoMalluClub

CryptoMalluClub (CMC) was created as a place for crypto and web3 enthusiasts in Kerala, India. Professionals, college students and your average guys and gals discussing about the future of cryptocurrency, new coins, market speculations and more. Over the years we grew to have 35,000 members globally.

AMA with our community?

We at CMC regularly host AMA-s with other crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Discussions and Q&A with crypto-startups and our community is a win-win for both.

Our Partners

Over the years, we have had many teams partnering with us through AMA-s, giveaways and drops whats the word. The CMC community along with our partners have a lot to offer to the crypto world and to you and your ideas.

Tron Network

Backing up our claims

Everything above might seem to good to be true. We know your skepticism and we understand your concern about collaborating with us. We will let the numbers speak for themselves.









What we have to offer?

CryptoMalluClub (CMC) has been up for more that three years and have done or collaborated with a large number of people, projects and companies. We offer our services to any crypto-entrepreneurs to help their projects grow and make a change in the world.








Here's What Our Clients Say About Us

After more than number AMA-s, our clients are really happy with the exposure our community provided. You can see for yourself.

The Executive Team

Here at CMC, we have 30+ experienced team members who manage our projects, moderate the community and come up with our marketing strategies and execute them. Here is our executive team.

...i am glad to see that the community I started a few years ago has grown so much. The services that we offer are the best in the industry and the credit goes to our diverse and active community. It is always good to collaborate with new partners, learn about their projects and just have fun in general...

Collin Thomas


...CMC has had an exponential growth over the past years. This can be attributed to the growing awareness about cryptocurrency and other cyrpto-related industry. It is great to host such a great community at CMC where I can share thoughts with like-minded people from around the world..

Akhil K


...we at CMC are constantly working to increase our reach. To be known as a trusted source about cyrpto-related content is our top priority. We have been launching campaigns, partnering with other communities and having a active presence in all major social networks. We have observed steady trend in the engagement we receive...

Libin J

Head Of Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

To collaborate with a new team is always concerning. We understand this and have answered some of the common questions that might come up when you or your team is thinking about partnering with CryptoMalluClub.

What does AMA offer under CMC.?

Ask Me Anything sessions, often known as AMAs, help people become more aware of project items. CMC holds AMA sessions to explain various projects to our community and strengthen the link between community and project leadership by providing tasty Community Rewards.

Does CMC provide telegram promotion?

Telegram promotions are carried out in a methodical manner in order to reach a large number of people. We pin the project's instructive postings in our telegram community, which has thousands of members who join and interact in the project's telegraph. Community involvement is critical to any project's success, and we're here to help serious initiatives succeed.

How are twitter promotions done

Twitter is the hub of Crypto and promotions there are mandatory for projects to boost their progress. CryptoMalluClub have a sufficient amount of followers including investors, influencers, projects who have done AMA sessions with us follows those announcements which we do via Twitter promotions. Reach out to us because stats and hard work speaks itself

How does CMC conduct AMA..?

The AMA is divided into three sections. 1st segment: 5 questions from the questions posed by the host The second portion includes five questions from the Twitter community. 5 questions from the Telegram community in the third portion We'll make AMA announcements and pin them on Telegram, as well as tweet about them. People will submit project-related questions via Twitter, and we will chose the top five. In the last phase, we will open the group for two minutes to allow telegram members to ask questions, after which the guests will choose the five finest questions to which they will respond.

How AMA can help our project.?

AMA will showcase your products in our Telegram and Twitter communities, and investors will be conscious of it. Your Telegram and Twitter accounts will expand. Following the AMA, we will send you an AMA Recap that you could share on social media.


We are over it researching and planning execution. In any time you could hear "CMC in to NFT".